About Us

Karatay Tennis has the pleasure of providing a high standard of tennis coaching for all ages and abilities. Through tennis clubs, schools, homes and hotels, Karatay Tennis can deliver quality coaching that is accessible to all.

Kids Service

This course has been designed for players between 3 to 10 age groups, with the specific aim of theacking participants how to play tennis in each of the areas of the tennis court from a tactical point of view. Through the tactical semaphore, young age groups will know how to play tennis when their opponent throws the ball at these areas of the track. The course will include specific activities some other advice that will help young poeple improve their tennis skills.

Junior Service

Karatay Tennis Coaching has an extensive coaching program for young players aged between 10-16. The course aims to help young players develop fundamental skills, learn appropriate techniques and tactics and work on these in weekly sessions. The course will provide young players with the opportunity to get the grips with tennis in a fun way with their coevals. The structured sessions will signifacantly help players their tennis skills.

Adult Service

The business offers structured adult coaching lessons designed to accommodate players of 3 different levels; beginner, intermediate and advance. Each level will be designed to suit players with similar standards and experience to ensure the progress is promoted. The business will make available a great range of playing options for professional and social players. Whilst the beginner level is more on teaching tactics and techniques, the intermediate and advance levels focus on putting these into practice through repetition and games. The players will be taken through range of challenges and drills and exercises to help players progress their skills.


Jack Hyper

Very efficient and responsible coach. Good explanation for technique.

Tom Gate

Seeking to improve your tennis game, talk to Atilla. He will show you the path to success.

Marry Smith

Atilla is an extremely knowledgeable coach. His passion for helping players improve their tennis game in a fun environment is second to none!